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Corporate Yoga


Studies have proven that in order for your company to thrive, your employees need to feel good - both physically and mentally. Happy Employees = Productive Employees. Many companies are taking advantage of this new age of information by bringing wellness programs 


Some of the most difficult things to work through are injuries, both long- and short-term. If you have a chronic disorder or maybe even a life-changing surgery, group classes may be challenging to keep up with or modify to your needs. It’s so important to keep moving, especially through difficult times when the body may not be cooperating as we expect it to, and it’s even more important to keep it moving in a SAFE and HEALTHY way that's best for your body’s specific needs. Working with a trained professional to improve your range of motion, flexibility, and strength can be not just enjoyable and helpful, but life-changing.

Individualized Attention

Maybe you’re simply looking to improve your practice and the group environment just isn’t quite getting you where you want to be. Or maybe you’re super new to yoga and you want to learn more on your own before you jump into a class. These are my favorite students to teach, your commitment and dedication to your practice and your body inspire me. Whether you’re looking for something short or long term, together we’ll create a plan to help you achieve your specific goals in a safe way that works best for your body.

1-1 Personalized Yoga Form