Corporate Yoga

Company Benefits

~Reduces healthcare and premium costs

~Increases company loyalty from employees who feel valued

~Lowers burnout and turnover rates

~Reduces hostility and aggression increasing company morale

~Decreases absenteeism and sick days

   ~Stress is the reason for 90% of doctor visits 

   ~Yoga relieves physical pain 

~Improves concentration and focus, meaning more productive work hours, less coffee breaks (and therefore financially saving on coffee supplies)



Studies have shown that the top thriving companies prioritize employee health and wellness.


Happy Employees = Productive Employees

Many companies are taking advantage of this new age of information by bringing wellness programs into the workplace. By offering value added services, like weekly or monthly yoga classes, your company has a competitive advantage in todays emulous workforce.

Employee Benefits

~Reduces back pain (yes, even that pesky lower back and neck pain)

~Decreases that icky burnout feeling

~Increases morale and lowers feelings of hostility and aggression, making it easier to deal with difficult clients (and maybe that one annoying coworker ;) )

~Lowers fatigue and increases energy aka fewer of those afternoon slumps

~Improves concentration and focus 

~Improves creativity

Adding yoga to your daily or weekly routine 

Still not convinced? 

You may be thinking: 

What will my employees really gain? 

What does a class look like? 

Where/How does corporate yoga really work? 

I got you. I recommend weekly yoga classes

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