Chakra Blyss Intensive

Are you ready to get unstuck, become your best self, and live your best life?

With Chakra Blyss Intensive, in just 15-20 minutes a day, one 90 minute session each week, and a Mid Week Oasis Check-In, we will co-create the motivation you need to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and be your own advocate for change. Over a span of 8 weeks, we’ll learn together and develop accessible tools and individualized approaches that work for your unique lifestyle and meet your specific goals.


With the support of a small group of like-minded individuals and the guidance of Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master Lyssa Winograd, you’ll empower yourself to make changes and choices to become the best version of YOU.


Lyssa is an experienced practitioner and, with over 400 hours of yoga instruction under her belt, she seeks to share with her students the peace, clarity, and wisdom that one develops through the yogic arts. However, many people struggle to take this tranquil mindset outside of the yoga studio with them.


“I started to notice a disconnect in my students,” Lyssa remarks. “They were struggling to take their practice off the mat and into the real world. This left them blissful in the studio, but as soon as they got back into their everyday lives, my students’ stresses and frustrations returned to their minds and bodies.”


As Lyssa began to explore this divide in her own life, she created a way, a path, a system, to connect these two worlds: the Spiritual Yoga World and the Stressful Mundane World.


Thus, the Chakra Blyss Intensive was born. The program comprises journaling, meditation, physical yoga practices, group support, and an exploration of the chakras to encourage students to manifest their intentions and create the lives they have always wanted for themselves.​

Weekly Breakdown

Week 1: Root Chakra

In this first week, we’ll start with the basics. At our first in-person meeting, we will establish a safe space, get to know each other, and set our own personal goals and expectations. We’ll get an overview of what the chakras are and explore how we’ll to use them to guide our journey together. We will then delve into our practice with a guided rooting meditation and a grounding, all-levels vinyasa class. We will finish with reflection questions and discuss what kinds of red foods we can seek out during the week.

Week 2: Navel/Sacral Chakra

This week is about creativity and emotion! Our meditations focus on identifying, understanding and nourishing your unique genius. Whether you consider yourself a creative type or not, this week you’ll have some fun as you find your inner playfulness and innovator! Our yoga practice focuses on strengthening the low core and finding a flow in our practice that we can bring to our lives. Discussion and reflection will encompass sexuality, creativity, emotions, and orange foods.

Week 3: Solar Plexus Chakra

This yellow chakra is all about decision making. We start with confidence building meditations. We then move on to a twisting yoga practice, squeezing out and cleansing the inner organs to allow for easier “gut” decision- making. Finally, we’ll reflect on yellow foods and decision-making skills to work and journal on in the coming week.

Week 4: Heart Chakra

As you may have guessed, the heart chakra is all about inviting in and celebrating all the love in our lives, within ourselves and those around us. Our meditations will all surround self-love because we cannot give from an empty cup. We’ll discuss how we care for ourselves, the different ways we show and share the love with the different people in our lives, and the green foods associated with this chakra. Our yoga practice will include plenty of healthy back bending and heart opening poses!

Week 5: Throat Chakra

Right now, it’s popular and trendy to “speak your truth,” but not many people actually think about what this means and how to really live in a way that honors that truth. The focus this week will be language, truths, and the color blue. Our meditations will spark critical thinking processes and our throat opening yoga practice will help to set our honest intentions for the week.

Week 6: Third Eye Chakra

These last two chakras are the most intense, as they begin to combine everything we’ve been working on. The third eye honors your intuition; in order to be in tune with our best selves, we must be grounded, creative, decisive, loving, and honest with ourselves. The color purple has represented many things, but for us it will represent our intuition and the culmination of everything we’ve done thus far on our journey. Our meditations and yoga practice will be about confidence building and listening to our intuition rather than the busy world around us.

Week 7: Crown Chakra

Our last Crown chakra will tie it all together. Our meditations will guide us towards a higher consciousness or awareness. By now, we will have explored a number of different parts of ourselves and have a stronger sense of self. The crown chakra not only helps us see ourselves but also the world around us in a larger sense. For instance, how does our consciousness help the greater good? What does happiness mean to you and why is this important? Depending on interest and fitness level, we have the option to start exploring more exciting yoga poses and longer, deeper meditations.  

Week 8: Decompression / 

Incorporation Week

After seven weeks of intensive meditations, journaling, practicing yoga, and focusing on what we’re putting into our bodies, we must decompress. Change is easy when you’re in a program filled with structure, engagement, and support. Maintaining our practices and creating the change we want in our lives can be challenging. We’ll check back in with the goals we set at the beginning of these eight weeks to see how far we’ve come. What was most helpful? What worked for you and what didn’t? What do you want to continue with? We’ll each reflect upon what we learned, what we want to incorporate into our everyday routines and what we’ll need to make that a reality after this course is complete.

Mid Week Oasis Check-In

Halfway through the week, Lyssa will be LIVE on the private Facebook group to post reflection questions, share recipes and photos, and offer a live call. This live call will start with a check-in where we’ll vent out any specific or general frustrations the work may bring up. Following our vent session, we’ll discuss different avenues to help us through these issues, like different meditations, journaling prompts, and even games associated with this week’s chakra to help us construct better coping mechanisms. We’ll end with a live guided meditation to help reconnect, refocus, and ground the group in the present moment. During this time, Lyssa will be sending long distance Reiki to each of the participants which should help calm participants and cultivate mindfulness for the rest of the evening and week.


This will be a time to decompress, get away from stress, and create an oasis away from daily life. It’s a time to be yourself, let your guard down, and get in touch with your emotions. We don’t always allow ourselves to be, ourselves! So, if even for just an hour, let’s give ourselves the time and space to just be. Let whatever come up, come up. This time reinforces our safe space and allows time to dig into things with the group rather than dealing with arising issues alone.


  • Start with Open Sharing

  • Specific Techniques

  • Group Activity

  • Recenter, Reconnect,

  • Keep it under an hour

Frequently asked questions

What kind of commitment am I looking at?

You get out of what you put into this experience. We meet in person once a week for 90 minutes where we will close out the previous week with any final thoughts, open the new week with a meditation, discuss the new week's chakra and focus, and finally end with a chakra based yoga practice. Each week, you will receive a five minute morning meditation and 5-15 minute evening meditation to practice each day on your own. Daily journaling is also an important element of this program.

If you use the meditations and journal for each and every day of the 8 weeks we’re together, you’ll see quicker and deeper results than if you only participate in our in-person meetings. However, if you can’t make the in person meetings, but do all of the work at home and participate in our midweek online group check-in for support, you can and will still see major results! Your destiny is in your hands. This program provides a framework and the real change comes from within.

How does the group support work if we only meet in person once a week?

Support is imperative when it comes to such vulnerability and real, sustainable change. We’ll stay connected through a private Facebook group moderated by Lyssa. It will be a safe space for us to share our experiences, discuss blockages and successes, and ultimately support one another through this often intense journey. Lyssa will also post discussion/thought questions midweek to check in and keep us all on track.

What if I miss or can’t make a session?

The program is designed in a group setting so we can all go through this experience together to help support one another. Lyssa will conduct one makeup Skype call in the event of a known or unexpected absence. The chakras all build upon each other, eventually meeting at the crown in self-actualization. However, just because you skipped a session doesn’t mean you can’t still participate! Yes, we open and close each week together, in person, but the real change comes from the work that you put in on a daily basis at home (both your physical home and bodily home!).

What if I’ve never done yoga before?

That’s totally OK! The program is designed for students at all levels, experienced and beginners, alike. The practices are constructed for beginners, but can be tailored to the needs of each group.

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