Find Your Release

There are certain poses and themes in yoga asana (the physical practice) that are known for helping us in the releasing process.

Hip Openers Hips are renown in the yoga community as a space where we hold onto tension. This is because in the Western society we've built, we tend to sit a lot. Our bodies were created to do so much more than just sit though! If you think about it, most of the population spends most of their day sitting: Wake up, eat breakfast (sitting down), drive to work (sitting down), work at a desk (sitting down), drive home (sitting down), watch tv & eat dinner (sitting down) and finally go back to bed. How much standing/moving time do you really have in your day? When we sit all day our hips get tight. That's why so many yoga instructors (myself included) add them into your average yoga routine!

Heart Openers

Ugh. These guys. I don't think anyone will deny the fact that we hold onto heartache in the heart space. And heartache doesn't always mean romantic. Problems with your friends, family, coworkers, anyone you care about really all end up in the chest space. How do we let that shit go and make room for more love and compassion? Heart openers like camel pose, puppy pose, updog, etc.

Feeling Light When we release, when we let that shit go, we feel should feel lighter! Like a weight has lifted off your shoulders. There are so many ways to feel light in a yoga practice, there are specific poses we could get into but I prefer tapping into the other aspects of yoga to access my light. Try doing some breathing exercises, meditating on light objects like feathers or a favorite piece of dainty jewelry, mula bandha exercises.


Personally, I don't like that light feeling. I feel as if I'm floating away with my head in the clouds! So I much prefer grounding practices. Any kind of root chakra practice/meditation, heavy breathing exercises, and grounding poses like malasana, core work, gate pose, will help bring you closer to the earth.

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