Non-Physical Benefits of Yoga

Ever watch Bojack Horseman? Princess Carolyn is this cartoon horses very successful Hollywood manager. Throughout the show she has a mean rivalry with Vanessa Gekko - another successful manager to the fictitious animal-bodied stars.

What does Bojack have to do with yoga benefits? Stick with me.

In the last season, Vanessa and Princess Carolyn finally have an honest conversation. Princess Carolyn mentions how silly their rivalry has been all these years and Vanessa seems shocked to hear this. I bet she practiced yoga.

Emotional Stability

Being human comes with a rollercoaster of emotions. From outbursts of anger to squees of joy, our reactions aren't always controllable... or so we tend to think. Yoga helps us sort through feelings, both conscious and unconscious. It helps us recognize that we may not be in control of our feelings, but we can control how we react to them. Yoga helps us process feelings and decide how we want to move forward. It becomes easier to see fact versus our biased view on the matter. Yoga helps us see the positive side of things, like with Vanessa Gekko. Yes, Vanessa and Princess Carolyn were in the same competitive industry, but if they'd come together with an abundance mindset rather than a comparative-lacking mindset, maybe they would've been the powerhouse company destroying all those who made their careers harder pitting them against each other.

Stress Relief (Active & Passive)

When you're already stressed, any kind of exercise will help expel that excess energy - active stress relief. Anyone who's been to a gym, gone for a run, or even had breakup sex knows this to be true. However, have you ever thought about how often you feel stressed? Do you know what your stressors are? Most importantly, does your form of exercise actively help your passive stress? Does a change in your routine, potentially making you miss your workout, completely mess with your day? Real, true yoga can be practiced anywhere, at any time. Can't make it to the gym/ exercise class? No worries. Yoga teaches the brain to be more innovative and creative, so we're better able to handle the stressors of life, even when we can't make it to class.

Better Sleep

Obviously the more energy you expel during the day, the easier it is to fall asleep at night simply due to the physical exhaustion. Yoga takes this a step farther. Yoga helps us fall away from the business of everyday life and come back to the true self. Yoga helps give ourselves permission to be ourselves, no judgements or expectations. When the body can finally relax, when the mind feels safe, we can sleep. Yoga brings us that inner peace.

Decreased Awkwardness (AKA Body Awareness)

The ability to know where your body is in space and not bump into shit is a skill. Some of us were just not born with grace nor stealth and we've apologized to inanimate objects more than we'd like to admit. Yoga can help with that. Now I'm not saying yoga is going to turn you all Princess Bride post makeover, but it will bring you more bodily awareness. With regular practice, you become more aware of your body and the objects around it. Don't believe me? Shoot me a DM. Let's have a chat, and I may even show you some old-school awk-sauce pictures of younger, lanky, awkward, Lyssa!

If you already have a workout routine, that's fantastic! I bet if you add yoga, even just once a week, you'll begin to see improvements in other areas of your life. Yoga isn't just for flexibility, it's a workout for your insides and out!

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