Post Hurricane Yoga Tips

Florida was extremely lucky to not get hit by the monstrous, catastrophic Dorian. But, we still all got stuck inside somewhere for a period of time, probably snacking on hurricane munchies and lazying around. All that nervous energy floating around only to hyped up to nothing. (Of course, this doesn't apply to the Bahamas. Hopefully you found some way to give back, if you were so called and can afford to do so!) So This week we decided to use the different limbs of yoga to find ways to help us ease back into our daily routines!

Open Up Using poses like dolphin, fish, and childs pose we can show different parts of the body how to open up. Assuming we've all spent a little too much time on the couch (or even regularly at your desk, in a car, anywhere you're seated for an extended period of time, really) the chest and shoulders are probably stretched out. Opening them up might feel a little intense, but it's soooo great for the body! We've also been cooped up inside for a while, so remember to open up your doors, windows, shutters, emotions. We can help open up the latter with different breathing exercises. Intrigued but unsure what I'm talking about? Reach out! Let's set up a meeting to chat, maybe grab some coffee and see if it's a good fit to work together.

Back Body Stretch & Lengthen

We've been in such a tense state, we've probably spent a lot of time in positions of comfort. Fetal, That Spot On The Couch, Pupper/Kitty Snuggles, etc. As cozy as these poses are, too much of them leads to lethargy and over-relaxed muscles. It can be hard to get back into the swing of things so stretching that back body, reminding yourself of that core strength can be extremely powerful. Any kind of forward fold will help you lengthen out.

Focus the Mind

I swear, "scatterbrain" is my middle name. HOWEVER! Yoga has become a tool, and taught me how to identify others, that helps calm and focus myself. I always come back to meditation first, but meditation can mean a ton of different things! It's not always quietly sitting crosslegged alone oming. Sometimes it's breathing, taking a walk, enjoying a good cup of coffee, spending time snuggling my cat, taking a yoga class. They all give me a different kind of focus, meditation. Find an easy 3 part breath meditation on my Instagram here. If you're looking for other ideas for your toolbox, check out BlessingsManifesting.

Ease Back Into "It"

As a recovering perfectionist, taking it easy on myself is no easy task. However, it's become a big part of my overall health and wellness. Yoga has helped my "recovery" process by teaching me how to get in tune with myself: my body, thoughts, and opinions. I am one of those people that likes to ease into things. I don't like to rush. (Personal note: it's why I chose small town beach life.) So, whatever "it" is for you, don't be ashamed of how long or hard it is for you to get back into "it." I, as your resident yoga instructor and taker up of your screen, am officially giving you permission to take it easy. You are in control of your body, your thoughts, your decisions. Be good to yourself and find that balance between work and ease. Show yourself that same love you so easily give away to others. <3

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