These last 2 weeks have been exhausting.

TBH, the last 3-4 months have been exhausting. That's why self care is so important. And I don't mean finally seeing your hair colorist, getting your nails done, or getting back to the tattoo studio. Those guilty [or not so much guilty as indulgent] pleasures can be a great boost! I am in full support of you supporting your fav businesses while pampering yourself a bit. If you look good, you feel good, right? Right! But I'm talking about the deep stuff, The Work. How many hours a week do you reflect on your thought and behavioral patterns? This doesn't mean thinking back on all those awkward moments. It does mean: 1. Being aware of negative patterns which... 2. ... allows you to make active changes to better yourself which... 3. ... creates less internal struggle and more self love and acceptance. But how can we reflect on those negative patterns without falling down the rabbit-hole of anxiety? Yoga. I know I sound like a broken record, but seriously, yoga helps with everything. Come take a class with me, see if it helps with your anxiety or stress levels, even if for just the duration of the class. If you've never tried yoga before and you're nervous, bring a friend - you'll both even save $5. Not to mention, my classes are mostly virtual, so you don't even have to turn on your camera [although it is recommended for feedback & safety purposes]. Hope to see you through the screen this week! Don't forget to bring a friend! Namaste, Lyssa ~*NEW*~ Class Schedule Payment Options - CHANGING SOON Option 1: $50 Unlimited Yoga. Self explanatory. Expires 45 days after purchase. Option 2: $40 Here & There Practitioner. Designed for students who practice roughly 2x/week. Includes 8 classes of your choice. Expires 30 days after purchase. Option 3: $10 Pay As You Go. Includes 1 yoga class of your choice. Expiration Date: NEVER! Want a discount? Bring a friend. You'll both get $5 off your next package. These prices will go up soon, so take advantage while you can! Paypal ( CashApp ($LyssaWinograd) Venmo ( Zelle (914-330-5868) If you have some other app or form of payment that you prefer, just lemme know and we'll make it happen. Side Note: If you are out of work and would like to try yoga, already practice and can no longer afford to do so due to #EffUCorona, or know someone in a similar situation please reach out. I know it's at these times that it's most difficult to reach out for help, but I encourage you to show compassion for yourself. Yoga can and does help change millions of lives. I need yoga or I'm unpleasant af, I understand. How to Join Class Join my mailing list!

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