Tree Pose Modifications, Variations,

If you got my newsletter, you know that we can simplify, modify, or vary tree pose in a number of different ways depending on what you're trying to achieve.

More Support: Wall Support

If traditional tree pose isn't accessible to your body or if you're trying to find the correct alignment for your body, try practicing up against a wall. Bring the shoulders and hip bones (I believe the Ischial Spine is the technical part of the pelvis) to the wall, then bring the weight into the right leg. Bring the left knee out to the left, opening up the hip. Try keeping both hip bones attached to the wall as you pull the knee back.

Hip Opener: Half Lotus

Traditionally, this is an intensely active pose. Both legs are strong, the lifted leg actively pressing into the standing leg. However, if you'd like a deeper hip opener, try pointing the lifted foot and settling it into the opposite hip, like a half lotus.

Balance Challenge: Close The Eyes

This one's pretty simple, just close your eyes! It's a lot harder than it seems to keep your balance when the eyes don't have something to focus on, or a drishti. You must have an incredibly strong core in order to not fall over.

Advanced Hip Opener: Squatting Pigeon

From tree, we can head into some more advanced and interesting asanas. Starting in tree pose, flex the lifted ankle and bring it over the standing thigh. Now this is the hard part, bring the hands to heart center and bend the standing leg until you're in a squatting position. This is an intense hip opener, so make sure you stretch a ton before you give it a try!

Advanced Asana: Floating Pigeon

This is a supremely advanced pose. It takes a lot of strength and flexibility. Start in tree and create the 4 shape with the legs as described above, but instead of bending the standing leg and sending the hips down, bend at the hips and send the heart down. Once the hands are flat on the floor, hook the lifted flexed foot around the tricep and fire up the core, lifting the standing leg. Once you've mastered this, send the leg back for a full floating pigeon pose!

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