Yoga for Neck & Shoulder Pain

Not to be cliche or anything, but I'd be remiss if I didn't start this post off with this idiom: A pain in the neck is, well... a pain in the neck.

Neck, shoulder, and upper back pain are the main complaints I hear from my clients. So when we meet up and get our yoga on, we practice a few easy concepts.

First, we get the shoulder joints moving. Then, we get that movement flowing through the sides, front, and back of the body. Finally, we add just enough strength to get the body back to that feel good sensation.

Want an example of what this looks like? This simple sequence of stretches will have your shoulders feeling better in no time!

Shoulder Rolls

Upward Salute Side Bend (Standing Side Stretch)

Side Bend Arms Behind Back

Standing Backbend

Forward Fold

Half Forward Fold

Half Fold Side Bends

Double Angle / Standing Seal


Want a visual? See this flow in action on my new Instagram handle: @YogaFitWithLyss


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