Private Group


What could be better than taking a yoga class with your crew in the comfort of your own home, office, or location of your choice?


Exclusive groups clients put together themselves are fantastic because I can really tailor the instruction for your group. Are you a fun, silly, go-with-the-flow group? Awesome! Let’s make it a fun, lively class filled with interruptions, laughter, and light flow! Is your group looking for something a bit more structured, meditative, and intensive? Awesome! Let’s have a focused class with specific instructions allowing the group to advance at their own pace. Maybe you and your coworkers are trying to be healthy. No stress! I’ll meet you at your office at lunch or after work for group yoga practice tracking your progress along the way.


Smaller groups allow for more individualized instruction. Public classes tell you what to do and the instructor is 100% in charge. Having an instructor come to your home or location of choice takes off many of the pressures some people may feel in public classes. It also gives you the power to work with your instructor on what YOU want. Public classes are structured in a specific way, however, with your own group, we can structure things to meet your needs.


I particularly love yoga groups because it’s not about losing weight or counting calories, it’s all about HEALTH and WELLNESS.

Accountability Buddies

Research has shown that if you have a workout buddy, you’re more likely to stick with an exercise routine. Through my own personal experience, I’ve also found that consistency, enjoyability, and convenience matter a whole lot, as well.


That’s where I come in. We’ll pick a location, you bring the gang, and I’ll take care of the rest. These kinds of groups where everyone knows each other are fantastic because you can help motivate and inspire each other! It’s a much more relaxed environment than a studio or public class.

Whenever, Wherever YOU Want!

Yoga Exclusively With Your Friends is also fantastic because we can make it a weekly occurrence, cheering each other on, looking forward to spending some mindful time together, and getting in your workout. Or they’re great for one-off events like birthdays parties, wedding showers, monthly brunch with the girls, tee time stretch with the guys, etc. If you can dream it, I’ll make it happen.

Group Yoga Class Form

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