Local Biz Yoga Collab

Does a yoga studio seem too intimidating and pricey? What if I don't like it? 

A great way to try out something new and support the local economy is to take a yoga class at a local bar, brewery, comic shop, salon, restaurant,etc!

Enjoy this unique experience with like-minded individuals. Best part? You receive a discounted service or product at the location of choice. 

These classes are beginner-friendly All Level Vinyasa Flows.


What does that mean? Vinyasa simply means to connect the breath with movement. We'll use the body's own weight to stretch and strengthen up.

Nervous? Reach out! Let's meet up and have a chat about what to expect before your first class. I'm happy to ease any fears you may have and give you a quick run down of what to bring and what an average class is like.

We're Expanding!

A big part of Blyssed Out Yoga is working with and supporting other small businesses. Bringing yoga to local businesses, like Quarters in Downtown Melbourne, makes yoga more accessible, affordable, and less intimidating. It's a win - win - win for the students, teacher, and local economy!

Blyssed Out Yoga brings new business by hosting an affordable yoga class at your business location directly before, during, or immediately after business hours. All we ask is that you offer students a discounted service or product, thus bringing yoga to a community of people who may have never been exposed to or had the opportunity to try it out!

If you'd like to join the Blyssed Out Yoga Community and host a weekly, monthly, or one-off event at your local Space Coast business, click below to connect with Lyssa.

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