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Yoga is a wonderful component of a complete and healthy exercise routine. The key to finding a workout routine you actually want to stick with is finding something you enjoy. Yoga is taking off around the world because more people are beginning to learn about all of the fantastic benefits yoga has to offer.


We are constantly changing and in a society where we idolize progress and business, it’s easy to forget that life doesn’t come without a few stressors. What’s important is how we cope with those stressors and yoga can give us the tools we need to deal with them in a healthy, proactive, productive way.


Yoga reminds us that the most powerful tool we have is the body, all we have to do is listen to it. Maybe it’s been a rough week, so it’s time to take it easy. Skip the inversions and take some restorative options on the mat and give yourself a break off the mat. Maybe you’re feeling more energized and ready to go, so it’s time to go hard. Do every single vinyasa and attempt a challenging pose on the mat and take on an extra project off the mat.


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Want Blyssed Out Yoga at your studio? 

I love collabing with local businesses and studios on the Space Coast! I love being part of our local yoga community and connecting with other yogis. I generally teach an All Levels Vinyasa Flow creating a welcoming space for new and seasoned practitioners alike. I love coming up with interesting workshop ideas to help make your studio more profitable and valuable to students. Your students will also have access to my FREE newsletter.

If you want to learn more about my philosophies and teaching style, feel free to check out my bio, or if you're ready to have me join the team, reach out below!

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