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    Tiana L.

    Boynton Beach, FL

    I'm always looking forward to my day when I know Lyssa is who will be leading the class. Every time I walk out of class all day to day stresses absolutely disappear. I feel light, free, and extreme euphoria. She always leads with the most soothing voice that safely guides me through my practice and gives this fulfilling experience. There has not been one day I've been unsatisfied with the time she's given to these few powerful moments in my day. Lyssa is extremely kind, friendly, and professional with her practice. I absolutely adore and appreciate her for giving me these amazing practices. Her class has caused me to fall so deeply in love with hot yoga to the point that I want to extend my practice to retreats as well. Meeting her has impacted my mind, body, and spirit in the most positive ways. These classes with her have changed my life and my practice. I give full gratitude to 'making it to the mat' and Lyssa for that.

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    Janet S. 

    Boynton Beach, FL

    Thanks for all the alignments, corrections, detail body structure and composition explanations.  Your yoga teaching talents exceed what I have, as a student, been exposed to before.  The joy you bring to each one of your classes surely reflects that yoga is your passion, and it truly transfers into each pose you teach.


    Teachers are born! Lyssa, you are the best.​​

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    Ruthie H.

    Satellite Beach, FL

    Really enjoyed today's class....thanks!

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    Avery D.

    Boynton Beach, FL

    Such a wonderful teacher! As someone with injuries, I need lots of modifications in my yoga practice. Lyssa gives me tons of options and takes special care to make sure I enjoy my practice, despite my limitations. Lyssa made me feel welcome in her class, and my body feels stronger than ever. Thank you for teaching me to listen to my body!


    Namaste and lots of love!​

  • Crescent Moon


    Boynton Beach, FL

    Lyssa is amazing!! Her classes are hard and soft at the same time. You can feel her great and positive energy through her calming voice. She is a beautiful human being and I will miss her and her guidance. Thanks, Lyssa, and all the best for you in your new and awesome journey! Namaste!




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    Shah A.

    Boynton Beach, FL

    So pleased to have crossed paths with you among my yoga journey. You grew so much in such little time and you always had a desire to learn for the sake of your student's practice. I value every lesson we shared together and am excited for the new students whose lives you'll impact. Personally, I've had moments when I'm solving many internal issues during class. I am sending you lots of love and will miss practicing with you.

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    Jessica A.

    Delray Beach, FL

    I took a few classes with Lyssa and they were amazing. I was having back problems and she helped me tremendously. She even stayed longer after class to help me and talk to me about how important it is to stretch every morning. Thanks for a wonderful experience.

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    Michelle M.

    Lake Worth, Florida

    Lyssa has a fun and loving spirit.  This comes across in her classes as non judgmental and kind.  She is magical in her classes.....always full of ways to do thing so that they suit your own needs.   She has such a magnetic way about her and her class leaves you feeling joyful....and stronger...magic...​



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    Kyle H.

    Boynton Beach, FL

    This was my first foray into hot yoga, and it was a great experience with this practitioner. She really kept the energy up during the sessions and it was all a very cohesive practice. Flowed great, and I'm very thankful for the guidance she offered.​

  • Crescent Moon

    Matt M. 

    Boynton Beach, FL

    Lyssa is a really cool, down to earth yoga instructor. I especially take notice in her shirts supporting breweries and fun advice-sayings like “Let that s*** go!” She makes you feel comfortable and her classes have the Lyssa touch. She is definitely one of my favorites at My Hot Yoga studio in Boynton.

    While I’m sad she’s leaving Boynton, I’m excited for her new adventure in Melbourne, FL. I hope to do a class up there while visiting friends (maybe at a brewery???) Thanks for the positive classes! 

  • Crescent Moon

    Eric W.

    Boynton Beach, FL

    It has been my pleasure to know Lyssa for two years now.  I have always looked forward to her yoga classes.  Her positive, high energy is wonderful to behold.

    For these very reasons, I had enlisted Lyssa's skills to teach several kids programs of mine.

    I wish you the best of success in all that you do...

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